What Channel is the Ravens Game on Tonight
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What Channel is the Ravens Game on Tonight

If you’re a fan of the Baltimore Ravens and eagerly anticipating their game tonight, you’ll want to know exactly where to tune in to catch the action. Whether you prefer watching on cable TV, streaming services, or through other platforms, we’ll guide you through all the options to ensure you don’t miss a single play.

Cable TV Options

For viewers who rely on traditional cable television, the channel broadcasting the Ravens game can vary depending on your location and the network rights. Generally, NFL games featuring the Ravens are broadcast on national networks like ESPN, NBC, CBS, or FOX, as well as regional networks.

ESPN: ESPN airs Monday Night Football games throughout the NFL season. If the Ravens are playing on a Monday night, you can catch the game on ESPN.

NBC, CBS, FOX: Sunday afternoon games are typically broadcast on these major networks. The Ravens’ game could be featured on CBS if it’s part of the AFC broadcast schedule or on FOX for NFC games.

NFL Network: Some Thursday Night Football games are exclusive to the NFL Network. If the Ravens are playing on a Thursday night, check if the game is airing on NFL Network.

To find the exact channel number for these networks on your cable provider, consult your local listings or use the provider’s online channel guide.

Streaming Services

In today’s digital age, streaming services have become popular alternatives to traditional cable TV for watching live sports, including NFL games featuring the Ravens. Here are some streaming options to consider:

ESPN+: ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+, offers live streaming of Monday Night Football games. Subscribers can watch the Ravens play on Monday nights through this platform.

Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access): Paramount+ streams NFL games that are broadcast on CBS, including Sunday afternoon matchups involving the Ravens.

FOX Sports App: The FOX Sports App allows viewers to stream games broadcast on FOX, including Sunday afternoon games featuring the Ravens.

NBC Sports App: Use the NBC Sports App to stream Sunday Night Football games if the Ravens are playing in the prime-time slot.

NFL Game Pass: NFL Game Pass offers live out-of-market preseason games and on-demand replays of regular-season games, making it a comprehensive option for catching Ravens games after they’ve aired.

Over-the-Air Antenna

If you prefer a free and accessible option, consider using an over-the-air antenna to pick up local channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, or ABC. Many NFL games, including Ravens games, are broadcast on these networks, providing a cost-effective way to watch the action live.

Mobile Apps and Websites

Stay connected to the Ravens game wherever you go by using official NFL mobile apps and websites:

NFL App: The NFL App offers live streaming of games on mobile devices, tablets, and connected TV devices. Check if the Ravens game is available for streaming through this app.

Team Website and App: Visit the Baltimore Ravens’ official website or download their mobile app for updates, highlights, and live game coverage.

Local Radio Stations

If you prefer listening to the game rather than watching, tune in to local radio stations that broadcast Ravens games. Radio coverage provides play-by-play commentary and analysis, keeping you informed about every play and touchdown.

Check the Schedule

Before game day, confirm the kickoff time and broadcasting network for the Ravens game. Visit the NFL’s official website, check the Ravens’ schedule, or consult TV listings to ensure you’re prepared to watch the game on the right channel.


With numerous options available for watching the Baltimore Ravens game tonight, you can choose the method that best suits your preferences and access. Whether you opt for cable TV, streaming services, over-the-air channels, or mobile apps, you’ll be ready to cheer on the Ravens and enjoy the thrill of NFL football. Stay informed, stay connected, and never miss a moment of the action!

This article provides comprehensive information on how to watch the Baltimore Ravens game tonight, covering various viewing options from cable TV to streaming services and mobile apps.

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