Seattle Sea Dragons on Tv
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Seattle Sea Dragons on Tv

The Seattle Sea Dragons, one of the most exciting teams in the Pacific Northwest, have been making waves in the world of professional sports. With their thrilling games and passionate fan base, many viewers are eager to catch them in action on TV. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this guide will help you navigate the various ways you can watch the Seattle Sea Dragons on TV, from local broadcasts to streaming options.

Local TV Broadcasts:

One of the most traditional ways to watch the Seattle Sea Dragons on TV is through local broadcasts. Depending on your location and cable package, you may have access to regional sports networks that air Sea Dragons games. Channels like Root Sports Northwest or a local affiliate station may carry live coverage of the team’s games throughout the season. Check your TV listings to see when the Sea Dragons are playing and which channel you can tune into to catch all the action.

National TV Coverage:

In addition to local broadcasts, the Seattle Sea Dragons also receive national TV coverage on occasion. Networks like ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV often feature marquee matchups involving popular teams like the Sea Dragons. These national broadcasts provide an opportunity for fans across the country to watch the team in action and showcase their talent on a larger stage. Keep an eye on the NBA schedule to see if any Sea Dragons games are scheduled for national TV, and mark your calendar so you don’t miss out.

Streaming Services:

For viewers who prefer to watch TV content online, streaming services offer a convenient way to catch the Seattle Sea Dragons in action. Many cable providers and streaming platforms offer access to regional sports networks that carry Sea Dragons games, allowing you to watch live coverage on your computer, smartphone, or smart TV. Services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV all provide options for streaming local sports channels, so be sure to check if they offer coverage of Sea Dragons games in your area.

Official NBA App:

The official NBA app is another excellent option for watching the Seattle Sea Dragons on TV, especially for viewers who prefer to watch games on their mobile devices. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the NBA app offers access to live game streams, highlights, scores, and more. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, log in with your NBA League Pass credentials or cable provider information, and start streaming Sea Dragons games wherever you are.

Social Media Platforms:

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can also be valuable resources for watching live sports, including Seattle Sea Dragons games. Many sports leagues and teams, including the NBA and the Sea Dragons, stream live games directly on their official social media accounts. Additionally, fans often share links to live streams or post updates and highlights throughout the game. So if you’re unable to access the game through traditional channels, be sure to check social media for alternative viewing options.


Whether you prefer to watch the Seattle Sea Dragons on TV through local broadcasts, national coverage, streaming services, the official NBA app, or social media platforms, there are plenty of options available to catch all the action. So grab your remote, tune in to the game, and get ready to cheer on the Sea Dragons as they compete against the best teams in the league.

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