ARK: Survival Evolved (2017): Game Icons and Banners
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ARK: Survival Evolved (2017): Game Icons and Banners

“ARK: Survival Evolved,” released in 2017, has captivated millions of gamers with its unique blend of survival mechanics, prehistoric creatures, and open-world exploration. Developed by Studio Wildcard, the game challenges players to survive on a mysterious island teeming with dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. Beyond its gameplay, “ARK: Survival Evolved” is known for its distinctive visual identity, which includes an array of game icons and banners that contribute to its immersive experience. This article explores the significance of these visual elements, their design, and how they enhance the overall game.

The Role of Visual Elements in ARK: Survival Evolved

Visual elements such as icons and banners play a crucial role in video games, serving not only as aesthetic enhancements but also as functional tools that aid in navigation, storytelling, and immersion. In “ARK: Survival Evolved,” these elements are meticulously designed to complement the game’s prehistoric theme and survivalist ethos.

  1. Game Icons: Icons in “ARK: Survival Evolved” are used extensively across various aspects of the game, from inventory items and resources to creature classifications and player statuses. These icons help players quickly identify and manage their resources, understand creature behaviors, and make strategic decisions.
  2. Banners: Banners in the game are often used to signify tribes, territories, and important locations. They serve as visual markers that help players navigate the expansive world of ARK and establish their presence within it. Banners also contribute to the game’s community aspect, allowing players to create unique emblems and symbols that represent their in-game identities and alliances.

Design and Aesthetic of ARK’s Icons

The design of ARK’s icons reflects the game’s prehistoric setting and survival mechanics. Each icon is crafted to be immediately recognizable while fitting within the game’s overall visual style.

  1. Resource Icons: Resource icons in “ARK: Survival Evolved” are designed to be intuitive and easily distinguishable. Common resources like wood, stone, and metal have icons that reflect their real-world counterparts. These icons are not overly detailed, ensuring they are easily identifiable even at smaller sizes.
  2. Creature Icons: The game features a diverse array of creatures, each with its own icon. These icons often depict the silhouette or a distinguishing feature of the creature, such as the horns of a Triceratops or the wings of a Pteranodon. This design choice helps players quickly identify creatures, which is crucial for making quick decisions in survival situations.
  3. Status Icons: Status icons convey important information about the player’s condition, such as health, hunger, thirst, and temperature. These icons are designed with clear and straightforward imagery, using colors and symbols that universally represent different states (e.g., a red cross for health or a snowflake for cold).

The Functionality of Icons

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the functionality of icons in “ARK: Survival Evolved” is paramount. Effective icon design enhances gameplay by providing clarity and reducing the cognitive load on players.

  1. Inventory Management: Managing inventory is a significant part of the game. Icons help players quickly locate and organize items, allowing for more efficient gameplay. For example, food items, tools, and weapons each have distinct icons, making it easier for players to find what they need in a pinch.
  2. Crafting: The crafting system relies heavily on icons to convey the necessary materials and tools required for creating items. Each recipe in the crafting menu is accompanied by icons of the needed resources, streamlining the crafting process and reducing confusion.
  3. Navigation and Interaction: Icons also assist with navigation and interaction in the game world. Map markers, waypoint indicators, and interactive objects all use icons to guide players. This helps players explore the world more effectively and interact with it in meaningful ways.

Banners: Symbolism and Identity

Banners in “ARK: Survival Evolved” serve as a means of expression and identity for players and their tribes. They are customizable, allowing players to design unique emblems that reflect their group’s identity and achievements.

  1. Tribe Banners: Tribes in ARK often create banners to signify their territories and bases. These banners can feature custom designs, colors, and symbols, which players can create using the in-game painting system. This customization fosters a sense of ownership and pride among tribe members.
  2. Event Banners: Special events in the game often introduce unique banners that players can earn and display. These banners commemorate achievements, participation in events, or victories in battles, serving as visual records of a player’s journey and accomplishments.
  3. Base Decoration: Banners are also used as decorative elements within player bases. They add a personal touch to structures and can be used to mark different areas or buildings within a base. This not only enhances the visual appeal of bases but also helps with organization and navigation.

Creating a Cohesive Visual Experience

The icons and banners in “ARK: Survival Evolved” are designed to create a cohesive visual experience that enhances immersion and gameplay. This is achieved through consistent design principles, thematic alignment, and attention to detail.

  1. Consistent Design Language: The visual elements in ARK follow a consistent design language that ensures they fit seamlessly into the game world. This includes a unified color palette, similar stylistic choices, and coherent iconography. This consistency helps players quickly adapt to the visual cues and reduces confusion.
  2. Thematic Alignment: The prehistoric theme of ARK is reflected in the design of icons and banners. Natural textures, organic shapes, and primitive symbols are commonly used, reinforcing the game’s setting and atmosphere. This thematic alignment makes the game world feel more authentic and immersive.
  3. Attention to Detail: Small details in the design of icons and banners contribute to the overall quality of the visual experience. For example, the wear and tear on resource icons or the intricate patterns on banners add a layer of realism and depth. These details may seem minor, but they enhance the overall immersion and enjoyment of the game.

Community Involvement and Customization

One of the standout features of “ARK: Survival Evolved” is the ability for players to customize and create their own visual elements. This level of customization fosters a strong sense of community and personal investment in the game.

  1. Custom Icons and Banners: Players can use the in-game painting system to create custom icons and banners. This allows for a high degree of personalization, enabling players to express their creativity and individuality. Custom designs can be shared within tribes or with the broader player community, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.
  2. Modding Support: The game also supports modding, allowing players to create and share their own content, including new icons and banners. This modding community has produced a wealth of additional visual elements that enhance and expand the base game. The support for modding ensures that the game remains dynamic and continually evolving.
  3. Community Events and Competitions: Studio Wildcard frequently hosts community events and competitions that encourage players to create and showcase their custom designs. These events highlight the talent and creativity within the player community and provide opportunities for recognition and rewards.


“ARK: Survival Evolved” stands out not only for its engaging gameplay and expansive world but also for its meticulous attention to visual elements like game icons and banners. These elements play a crucial role in enhancing the player’s experience by providing clear visual cues, fostering immersion, and allowing for personal expression and community building.

Finely crafted icons help players manage resources, navigate the game world, and engage with the intricate mechanics of survival and crafting. Meanwhile, customizable banners offer a canvas for players to express their identities, celebrate their achievements, and mark their territories.

As digital gaming continues to evolve, the importance of thoughtful and immersive visual design remains paramount. “ARK: Survival Evolved” exemplifies how effective visual elements can enrich gameplay, foster community, and create a lasting impression on players. Through its innovative approach to icons and banners, ARK not only captivates players but also sets a high standard for visual design in the gaming industry.

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