Watch Brewers Game Live Free
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Watch Brewers Game Live Free

If you’re a Milwaukee Brewers fan looking to catch their games live without breaking the bank, you’re in luck! This guide will explore various options and methods to watch Brewers games for free, whether it’s through official streams, local broadcasts, or innovative streaming services. Let’s dive into the world of baseball and discover how you can enjoy the excitement of Brewers games from the comfort of your home.

1. Local Broadcasts

One of the most accessible ways to watch Milwaukee Brewers games for free is through local broadcasts. Major networks like FOX Sports Wisconsin or your local ABC, CBS, or NBC affiliate may broadcast select Brewers games during the regular season. To find out which games are available on local TV, check your local listings or the Brewers’ official website for broadcast schedules.

2. MLB.TV Free Game of the Day

Major League Baseball offers a “Free Game of the Day” through MLB.TV, allowing fans to watch select games from around the league for free. While this won’t cover every Brewers game, it’s a fantastic way to catch occasional matchups without a subscription. Visit MLB’s website to see the schedule of free games and mark your calendar for Brewers’ appearances.

3. Streaming Platforms with Free Trials

Several streaming platforms offer free trials that can be used to watch Brewers games live. Here are a few options to consider:

YouTube TV: This streaming service often carries local sports networks like FOX Sports Wisconsin. Sign up for a free trial to watch Brewers games during the trial period.

Hulu + Live TV: Similar to YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV includes access to local channels and regional sports networks. Take advantage of their free trial to tune into Brewers games.

fuboTV: Known for its sports coverage, fuboTV includes channels like FOX Sports Wisconsin. Use their free trial to enjoy live Brewers action.

Remember to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends if you don’t wish to continue with the service.

4. Antenna for Local Channels

If the Brewers game is broadcast on a local network like FOX or ABC, consider using a digital antenna to access these channels for free. A quality antenna can pick up over-the-air signals, allowing you to watch games in high definition without any subscription fees.

5. Official MLB App

The official MLB app offers free features, including live game updates, scores, and highlights. While you may not be able to stream full games for free through the app, it’s an excellent resource for staying updated on the Brewers’ progress throughout the season.

6. Check Out Social Media and Online Platforms

Sometimes, sports leagues or broadcasters stream games live on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Keep an eye on the Milwaukee Brewers’ official social media accounts and MLB’s channels for announcements regarding free live streams or game highlights.

7. Radio Broadcasts

While not a visual experience, listening to Brewers games on the radio is a classic way to enjoy the excitement of baseball for free. Tune in to local radio stations carrying Brewers broadcasts to follow the action play by play.

8. Community Viewing Events

Consider checking if your community or local establishments host viewing events for Brewers games. Some bars, restaurants, or public spaces may screen games live, offering a social atmosphere to enjoy the game with fellow fans.


Watching Milwaukee Brewers games live for free is possible through various avenues, including local broadcasts, free trials of streaming services, MLB.TV’s Free Game of the Day, and radio broadcasts. Explore these options to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the Brewers’ season. Remember to check schedules, leverage free trials responsibly, and support the team in their quest for victory. Enjoy the thrill of baseball while keeping your wallet happy!

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