Tv Guide Vancouver Washington
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Tv Guide Vancouver Washington

Vancouver, Washington, is a vibrant city nestled in the Pacific Northwest, offering residents and visitors a diverse range of entertainment options, including television programming. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this comprehensive TV guide will help you navigate the channels and discover exciting shows, news, and events available in Vancouver. From local favorites to national broadcasts, there’s something for everyone on the airwaves of this charming city.

Local Television Stations

Vancouver is served by several local television stations that cater to the interests and needs of its residents. Here are some of the key channels you can tune into for local news, sports, and community updates:

  1. KATU (Channel 2): KATU is an ABC-affiliated television station based in Portland, Oregon, serving the Vancouver metropolitan area. Tune in for local news, weather updates, and popular ABC network programming.
  2. KOIN (Channel 6): KOIN is a CBS-affiliated station that provides comprehensive news coverage, sports updates, and a variety of CBS network shows. Stay tuned for local insights and national headlines.
  3. KPTV (Channel 12): KPTV is a FOX-affiliated station delivering news, weather forecasts, and sports coverage to the Vancouver community. Catch your favorite FOX programs and local events.
  4. KGW (Channel 8): KGW is an NBC-affiliated station offering up-to-date news, weather, and sports stories from the Vancouver and Portland area. Don’t miss NBC’s popular primetime lineup and local specials.
  5. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB – Channel 10): OPB provides educational and informative programming, including local documentaries, news analysis, and cultural shows that resonate with the Pacific Northwest audience.

Popular Cable Networks

In addition to local channels, Vancouver residents have access to a wide range of cable networks that offer diverse content catering to various interests. Here are some popular cable channels you can enjoy in Vancouver:

  1. CNN (Cable News Network): Stay informed with the latest news from around the world, including politics, business, and current events, on CNN.
  2. ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network): Sports enthusiasts can catch live games, highlights, and sports commentary on ESPN and its affiliated channels.
  3. HGTV (Home & Garden Television): Get inspired with home improvement ideas, interior design tips, and real estate insights on HGTV.
  4. Food Network: Discover new recipes, cooking techniques, and culinary adventures on the Food Network.
  5. Discovery Channel: Explore the wonders of science, nature, and technology through engaging documentaries and reality shows on the Discovery Channel.
  6. AMC (American Movie Classics): Enjoy a mix of classic movies, original series, and popular films on AMC.

Streaming Services

In today’s digital age, streaming services have become immensely popular, offering on-demand access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content. Vancouver residents can subscribe to the following streaming platforms:

  1. Netflix: Stream thousands of movies, TV series, and documentaries on Netflix, including original productions like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown.”
  2. Amazon Prime Video: Access a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including original Amazon series like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Jack Ryan.”
  3. Disney+: Enjoy family-friendly entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic on Disney+.
  4. Hulu: Watch current TV episodes, exclusive series, and movies on Hulu, including award-winning originals like “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
  5. HBO Max: Dive into a world of premium entertainment with HBO Max, offering blockbuster movies, original series, and HBO classics.

Local Events and Broadcasts

Vancouver is a vibrant community with a rich cultural scene, and local television often covers exciting events and activities happening in the area. Keep an eye out for:

Community Events: Stay updated on festivals, concerts, and community gatherings featured on local news channels.

Sports Coverage: Follow local high school and college sports teams as well as professional sports news.

Cultural Programs: Discover art exhibitions, theater performances, and music showcases highlighted on regional programming.

TV Guide Resources

To stay on top of what’s airing on television in Vancouver, consider using online TV guides or mobile apps that provide up-to-date listings, show descriptions, and scheduling information. Some popular TV guide resources include:

TV Guide: The official TV Guide website and app offer comprehensive listings and personalized recommendations.

Local Cable Provider: Check your cable or satellite provider’s website for customized channel lineups and program schedules.

Streaming Platform Guides: Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ provide user-friendly interfaces to browse their content libraries.


Whether you prefer catching up on the latest news, enjoying a thrilling sports game, or binge-watching your favorite TV series, Vancouver, Washington, offers a diverse range of television options to suit every taste. From local broadcasts to cable networks and streaming services, there’s no shortage of entertainment waiting to be discovered in this charming Pacific Northwest city. So grab your remote control, tune in to your favorite channel, and immerse yourself in the exciting world of television in Vancouver!

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