Tampa bay rays tv schedule
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Tampa bay rays tv schedule

Following the Tampa Bay Rays during the Major League Baseball (MLB) season is an exciting experience for fans. To keep up with the action and never miss a game, it’s essential to know the Tampa Bay Rays TV schedule. This comprehensive guide covers where and how to watch the Rays on television throughout the season.

Understanding the Tampa Bay Rays TV Schedule

The Tampa Bay Rays’ TV schedule includes broadcasts of regular-season games across various networks. These broadcasts allow fans to watch games live from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

1. Regional Broadcasts

The majority of Tampa Bay Rays games are broadcast regionally on Bally Sports Sun. This network covers the local market, providing in-depth coverage of the Rays’ games, including pre-game shows, post-game analysis, and special features.

2. National Broadcasts

Some Tampa Bay Rays games may be selected for national broadcast on networks like ESPN, FOX, or MLB Network. These nationally televised games are available to viewers across the country and often feature prime-time matchups and special events.

3. Streaming Options

In addition to traditional television broadcasts, fans can stream Tampa Bay Rays games through various platforms:

Bally Sports App: The Bally Sports App allows subscribers to stream live Rays games on their mobile devices, tablets, or smart TVs. This option is ideal for fans who prefer watching games on the go.

MLB.TV: MLB.TV offers out-of-market streaming of all MLB games, including those of the Tampa Bay Rays. This service is perfect for fans living outside the Rays’ local market who want to watch every game live.

Streaming Services: Subscribers to streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and fuboTV may have access to Bally Sports Sun and other networks broadcasting Rays games. These platforms offer flexibility and convenience for cord-cutting fans.

How to Find the Tampa Bay Rays TV Schedule

To stay informed about upcoming Tampa Bay Rays games and broadcast details, follow these steps:

Official Team Website: Visit the Tampa Bay Rays’ official website for the latest schedule updates, including game times, opponents, and broadcast information.

TV Listings: Check your local TV listings for Bally Sports Sun or other networks carrying Rays games. Networks often publish schedules well in advance, allowing fans to plan accordingly.

Mobile Apps: Download sports apps that provide Tampa Bay Rays TV schedules, scores, and news alerts. These apps keep fans updated on game times and broadcast channels.

Social Media: Follow the Tampa Bay Rays and relevant sports networks on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates and announcements about game broadcasts.

Key Considerations

Blackout Restrictions: Keep in mind that MLB blackout restrictions may apply to certain streaming services, particularly for in-market games. Check blackout rules to ensure you have access to live broadcasts.

Subscription Costs: Some streaming services and apps may require a subscription fee. Consider the costs associated with accessing Tampa Bay Rays games through these platforms.

Local Market Coverage: If you live within the Tampa Bay area, Bally Sports Sun is the primary source for watching Rays games on TV. Ensure your cable or streaming package includes this network.

Exciting Matchups and Must-Watch Games

Throughout the MLB season, the Tampa Bay Rays face off against rival teams and showcase their talent in thrilling matchups. Circle these key dates on your calendar:

Divisional Rivalries: Watch the Rays take on division rivals like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Toronto Blue Jays in high-stakes games.

Interleague Play: Tune in for interleague matchups against National League opponents, offering unique cross-league excitement.

Playoff Push: Follow the Rays as they battle for playoff positioning and aim for postseason success.


The Tampa Bay Rays TV schedule provides fans with ample opportunities to cheer for their favorite team and witness exciting baseball action. Whether you prefer traditional TV broadcasts, streaming services, or mobile apps, there are numerous ways to watch the Rays throughout the season. Stay informed about game times, broadcast channels, and streaming options to ensure you never miss a moment of Tampa Bay Rays baseball. Get ready to rally behind the Rays and enjoy a season filled with memorable games and thrilling victories!

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