Restaurants Open on Christmas Day: Where to Dine During the Holiday Season
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Restaurants Open on Christmas Day: Where to Dine During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for celebration, family gatherings, and indulgent meals. While many people choose to prepare a traditional Christmas feast at home, others prefer the convenience and enjoyment of dining out. Whether you’re traveling, don’t feel like cooking, or simply want to enjoy a special meal in a festive setting, there are plenty of restaurants that remain open on Christmas Day. This article will explore a variety of dining options available on December 25th, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Fine Dining Restaurants

For those seeking an elegant and memorable dining experience, numerous fine dining establishments open their doors on Christmas Day. These restaurants often offer special holiday menus featuring gourmet dishes crafted from the finest ingredients.

1. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Known for its high-quality steaks and sophisticated ambiance, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is a popular choice for a Christmas Day meal. Many locations offer a festive menu that includes options like filet mignon, lobster tail, and decadent desserts. The warm, inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal place to celebrate the holiday.

2. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille, renowned for its dry-aged steaks and extensive wine list, is another excellent option for Christmas dining. Guests can enjoy a luxurious meal featuring specialties like bone-in ribeye, roasted rack of lamb, and fresh seafood. The elegant setting and exceptional service ensure a memorable holiday experience.

3. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Morton’s The Steakhouse is a favorite among steak lovers, and many locations are open on Christmas Day. The menu typically includes a variety of prime steaks, fresh seafood, and signature sides. With its refined atmosphere and impeccable service, Morton’s provides a perfect backdrop for a festive holiday meal.

Family-Friendly Restaurants

Families looking for a relaxed and welcoming environment to enjoy Christmas dinner will find plenty of options catering to all ages. These family-friendly restaurants often offer special holiday menus and activities to keep children entertained.

1. Denny’s

Denny’s is a classic choice for families seeking a casual and affordable Christmas meal. Known for its comfort food and all-day breakfast, Denny’s offers a variety of holiday-themed dishes, including turkey dinners, ham, and seasonal desserts. The friendly atmosphere and wide-ranging menu make it a great choice for families with diverse tastes.


IHOP is another family favorite that remains open on Christmas Day. Famous for its pancakes and breakfast fare, IHOP also serves a range of lunch and dinner options. The holiday menu often features festive items like pumpkin pancakes, roasted turkey, and sweet treats. The cheerful ambiance and kid-friendly options make IHOP a popular choice for Christmas dining.

3. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is a beloved destination for home-style cooking and a cozy, rustic atmosphere. On Christmas Day, many locations offer a special menu that includes traditional holiday favorites such as roasted turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and pies. The restaurant’s old-fashioned charm and hearty meals create a warm and inviting setting for a family holiday gathering.

International Cuisine

For those looking to celebrate Christmas with a taste of international flavors, several restaurants specializing in global cuisine remain open on December 25th. These establishments offer a unique twist on holiday dining, with menus inspired by culinary traditions from around the world.

1. P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s, known for its modern take on Chinese cuisine, is open on Christmas Day at many locations. The menu features a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, including favorites like Mongolian beef, dynamite shrimp, and handmade dumplings. The stylish setting and diverse menu make P.F. Chang’s a great choice for those seeking a non-traditional Christmas meal.

2. Benihana

Benihana offers a festive and interactive dining experience with its Japanese teppanyaki style of cooking. Guests can enjoy watching skilled chefs prepare their meals right at the table, with options like hibachi steak, shrimp, and chicken. The lively atmosphere and unique dining experience make Benihana an exciting option for Christmas Day.

3. Buca di Beppo

For a taste of Italy on Christmas, Buca di Beppo is an excellent choice. This family-style Italian restaurant serves generous portions of classic dishes such as spaghetti marinara, chicken parmesan, and lasagna. The festive decor and convivial atmosphere make Buca di Beppo a great place to celebrate the holiday with loved ones.

Buffets and All-You-Can-Eat Options

Buffets and all-you-can-eat restaurants provide an abundant variety of dishes, allowing guests to sample a wide range of flavors and enjoy a truly indulgent holiday meal. Many of these establishments offer special Christmas Day buffets featuring traditional holiday fare and more.

1. Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a well-known buffet chain that offers a vast array of dishes to suit all tastes. On Christmas Day, many locations feature a holiday buffet with items like carved turkey, ham, stuffing, and a selection of desserts. The extensive menu and casual atmosphere make Golden Corral a popular choice for families and groups.

2. The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

For those in Las Vegas during the holidays, The Buffet at Wynn offers a lavish Christmas Day dining experience. The buffet features a wide variety of gourmet dishes, including seafood, prime rib, sushi, and an impressive dessert selection. The elegant setting and high-quality cuisine make it a standout choice for a luxurious holiday meal.

3. Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Located in Pennsylvania, Shady Maple Smorgasbord is one of the largest buffets in the country. On Christmas Day, guests can enjoy a festive buffet with traditional holiday dishes, including roast turkey, glazed ham, and a variety of side dishes and desserts. The expansive menu and family-friendly atmosphere make Shady Maple a great option for a hearty holiday feast.

Unique and Themed Dining Experiences

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind Christmas dining experience, several restaurants offer unique themes and settings that add a special touch to the holiday celebration.

1. Medieval Times

Medieval Times provides a unique dining experience with its medieval-themed dinner and tournament. Guests can enjoy a hearty feast while watching knights compete in jousting, sword fighting, and other medieval games. The immersive experience and entertaining show make Medieval Times a fun and memorable option for Christmas Day.

2. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot offers a unique fondue dining experience, perfect for a cozy and interactive Christmas meal. Guests can enjoy a multi-course meal featuring cheese fondue, a variety of meats and vegetables for cooking in broth, and decadent chocolate fondue for dessert. The intimate setting and interactive dining style make The Melting Pot a delightful choice for a festive holiday meal.

3. Rainforest Cafe

For a whimsical and adventurous dining experience, the Rainforest Cafe is a great choice. The restaurant’s jungle-themed decor, complete with animatronic animals and simulated thunderstorms, creates an exciting atmosphere for diners of all ages. The menu features a variety of American and tropical-inspired dishes, making it a fun and unique option for Christmas Day.


Dining out on Christmas Day offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a special meal with loved ones without the stress and effort of cooking at home. Whether you’re looking for an elegant fine dining experience, a family-friendly restaurant, a taste of international cuisine, a bountiful buffet, or a unique themed dining adventure, there are plenty of options available to suit your preferences.

As you plan your holiday celebrations, consider making reservations in advance, as Christmas Day is a popular time for dining out and many restaurants fill up quickly. No matter where you choose to dine, the most important thing is to enjoy the festive season and create lasting memories with those you care about. Happy holidays and bon app├ętit!

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